7 Day Brand Bootcamp

Discover the 7 brand principles and strategies that have successfully launched new brands, and elevated existing brands to the top of their industry by becoming the preferred choice of the consumer.

Free 7 Day Brand Bootcamp

Learn how to develop an effective brand strategy and design engaging visual identity. By implementing the 7 brand principles revealed in this free training, you will learn how to successfully launch a new brand, or refresh your current brand to beat the competition and attract more customers.

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Your BRAND is your company’s most valuable asset. It’s what motivates customers to buy, it’s what makes you better than the competition, it’s what attracts and retains quality employees, and it’s what builds a community of loyal brand advocates.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your products or services are, without a strong brand to engage, captivate and inspire your audience, your business will struggle to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

With this much power and influence, developing a brand strategy is critical to the success of your business. A well crafted and implemented brand strategy will yield exponential returns for many years.


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What You Will Learn

Learn how to develop an effective brand strategy, and design engaging visual identity. By implementing the 7 brand principles revealed in this bootcamp, you can successfully launch a new brand, or refresh your current brand to beat the competition, and attract more customers.

Day 1 - Define Your Brand

Learn how to define the foundation of your brand. This is who you are, why you do what you do, and what problem your business solves. It is your brand’s purpose, vision, mission, and your values. Your brand heart is the reason why you exist, and how you plan to make the world a better place.

Day 2 - Target Your Audience

Learn how to target your audience, define your demographic, and discover who your ideal customer is. By clarifying who your audience is, you will learn their beliefs, what’s important to them, and what drives their purchasing decisions. You will also gain clarity about their goals, their pain points, and what might make them hesitant to use your product or service.

Day 3 - Beat Your Competition

Learn how to locate and beat your competition. You must discover who your competition is, how you are different from them, how you are the same, what makes them better than you, and what you are able to do that they cannot. By determining their strengths and their weaknesses, you can then capitalize on those weaknesses by differentiating your brand from theirs.

Day 4 - Speak to Your Customers

Learn how to speak to your customers and where you should strategically communicate to your audience to create positive engagement. Your messaging should allow your audience to easily understand what you do, what are your values, what is your promise, and the benefits that your products or services offer. Your brand’s message includes your name, your tagline, your voice, your personality, and your value proposition.

Day 5 - Design Your Visual Identity

Learn how to design impactful and engaging Visual Identity. Your visual identity includes your logo, your brand’s color palette, the typography you use in your designs, and how you coordinate illustration, photography, icons, web design, and motion graphics to create a consistent look and feel, so your customers can easily recognize your brand.

Day 6 - Implement Your Brand Strategy

Learn the process of implementing and coordinating your brand messaging and visual identity consistently across all your consumer touchpoints. You will take all the hard work, commitment, and time you have put into developing your brand, and strategically releasing it into the world for everyone to see.

Day 7 - Manage Your Brand

Learn how to create guidelines for your team to use as they develop your marketing campaigns, advertisements, and all your touchpoints. Proper management, enforcement, and systematic audits of your brand assets will not only maintain consistency, but also reveal where your brand may be failing so you can make the necessary adjustments.